What can you do with your data plan?

Samsung Smartphones

Staying on top of your monthly data usage is important to make the most of your data plan. Many popular phones feature apps that run in the background and are always connected to the Internet. Every so often, keep track of your data usage with these helpful pointers.

First things first, know which apps and activities use the most data.

Top data hogs

YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and other streaming video apps are big culprits when it comes to data loss. Facebook, Google+, Dropbox and similar apps now have the ability to automatically save your pictures to the cloud. Voice assistants like Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Tell Me use your data connection every time you ask them a question. These are actions that are easily missed but not hard to resolve.

Tips for Managing data

Make the best use of your phone’s always-on connection to the Internet with a few helpful tips.